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    Pending Acknowledgement Orders are those orders that you have received but have yet to process. You get a count of all such orders so that you have an idea of how many new orders are to be processed.
    Pending shipment orders are needed to be shipped by generating their manifest and handing them over to the courier partner as soon as possible.
    If the provided documents are rejected then you can follow the below steps to register again. 1. You need to re-submit the correct documents via the Seller Portal. 2. log in to the Seller Panel and start the procedure again. 3. If Still there is any problem you can mail us (Monday to Saturday)(10 AM to 6 PM)
    To get registered on Honey Arbor as as verified seller. 1. GST/GSTIN Number(It should be active at the time of registration). 2. PAN Card. 3. Bank account and supporting KYC documents (It should not be a digital account like Paytm, Airtel Bank, etc). 4. Brand Authorization Letter/Trademark Certificate (If you wish to sell your product under any particular Brand/Trademark then you will have to provide us with brand approval.
    Shipping can be done in 2 ways. Either seller will take responsibility to ship the item to the client to the client but the packaging should follow the shipping policies that the packaging can be other Companies or Brand packaging. It should be corrugated boxes, shrink wrap, etc but it should not carry the brand of any other e-commerce company. Or 2nd option is Honey Arbor will take the responsibility for shipping the courier with their courier partner. Sellers only have to select the shipping method from the dropdown of the shipping option. The charges will be accordingly.
    No, currently we do not charge any thing to our sellers to their products on our panel. This is totally free of cost registration. But in future we can may be have some commission fee according to the category which will be very norm cost.
    No, you must have a GST no to sell with us.
    If any seller wants to sell any other Brands products, they can but before this they should have a Brand Authorization Letter/Trademark Certificate of particular products.
    Anyone can sell on Honey Arbor, who is a GST registered business-like Trader/Company/Entrepreneur and also retail shop-keepers. They only need 3 things to sell with us. • GST • PAN CARD • BANK ACCOUNT