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Buy Patanjali Coronil Kit (Coronil + Swasari + Anu Taila) Full Kit Pack of1

What is Patanjali Coronil Kit

Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd launches SWASARI PATANJALI CORONIL KIT, and it claims it to be the immunity booster to fight the virus. It is a combination of 3 products together, which help to fight the virus and boost immunity There 2 pill leaves and one liquid medicine.

  • Patanjali Coronil Kit
  • 80 Tablets
  • Pack of 1
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Manufacturer: Patanjali
  • Item Weight: 210 g
  • Units: Coronil 80 tablets
    Swasari vari 80 tablets
    Anutail 25ml

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How Patanjali Coronil was tested?

The researchers at Patanjali have claimed that the herbs, plants, and minerals utilized in its producing square measure ideal for fighting the unwell result of the Coronavirus. Coronil is tested and verified medication at Patanjali establishment as we all know that Patanjali may be a reliable complete for 100% natural medicative product. it’s claimed that 69% of patients recovered in 3 days, and virtually everybody recovered within the next seven days.

These results were enough to persuade AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & treatment, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy) ministry that this might be the choice medication to cut back the positive case multiplication.

Benefit of This

The major advantage of the medication is its immunity booster property and the medication may be a merger of the many helpful herbs and medicative plants found within the ancient scrolls of Vedas. That’s the rationale why it’s safe to use, and there aren’t any side-effects.


Like all the opposite product of Patanjali, Coronil is that the combined results of super herbs and plants. Swami Ramdev declared that Coronil consists of 100 compounds. The ingredients square measure helpful for fighting fever, cough, cold, and alternative symptoms, which shows an absence of immunity.

How to Use Coronil?

The indefinite quantity of Coronil medication varies for adults and youngsters. The adults higher than the age of 15Yrs will take the 2 tablets 3 on a daily basis half an hour before meals will be beneficial if have it with lukewarm water. It comes with a nasal drop in the Kit. You need to put 3 drops in each nostril, preferably 2 a day. For youngsters aged between 6-14 will use half the indefinite quantity prescribed for the adults.

  • Coronil Vati:- Immunity Booster (1 Tablet After Meal)
  • Swasari Vati:- Helpful in Respiratory problems (1 tablet Before Meals )
  • Anu Taila:- Helpful in Sinus respiratory Nostriil ( Two times in nostrils)


The Patanjali Coronil is one amongst the foremost highlighted ayurvedic medicines during this part of the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s created Brobdingnagian claims, and there’s a mixed reaction among individuals. Some believe that this medicine came as hope once there was no scope of immunizing agent and medication.

Patanjali Coronil FAQs

Is Coronil a cure to COVID-19?

Coronil is not the cure to COVID-19, but it is a great immunity booster supplement.

What are the ingredients of Coronil?

Coronil is packed with hundreds of naturally found multivitamins and minerals. The primary ingredients are Ashwagandha, Tusli, Giloy, and more.

Is Coronil tested?

Yes, Coronil is clinically tested at Patanjali research institutes.

When does Coronil medicine expire?

As mentioned on the package, Coronil expires after 3 years of manufacturing.

Return Policy

There is no Return Policy of this product. Non-Returable.


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